Introduction to Energy Healing (5)This new concept of energy healing comprises enough about of numerous other methods for healing. Such methods comprise the manipulation of energy or aura of an individual. Among the most famous kinds of energy healing, we can also mention quantum, reiki, and pranic healing. However, the energy healing as mentioned by thefourwinds is quite adaptable as it could be performed live or from afar. More to that, it can also be combined with numerous practices so as to increase effect (crystal healing is an instance).


That’s a very famous healing method which became quite famous across the globe because of its non-invasive technique of work. Such technique works primarily on the energy of a human body so as to bring modifications to the physical form. A practitioner of reiki is also trained in getting energy, scanning a client so as to discover a problem and then filling such areas with energy so as to eliminate any blockage that may appear. There are enough categories of reiki; however, the general principle is same in almost all type of cases.


This sort of healing uses prana, or also the energy of life, so as to bring equilibrium in energies of a client and eliminate any potential blockage. This sort of method is very same to reiki and transforms aura of a client and not the body. In the case of the pranic healing, there’s no touching involved. The practitioner moves hands over an aura and manages to discover a different type of imbalances. However, the principles of pranic healing usually state that chakras in palms are properly activated during training period as said by thefourwinds, and they let specialists feel a different type of energies of others.


This sort of healing isn’t as famous as reiki and pranic, but it does not mean it isn’t vital. It is a sort of energy healing which lets specialist influence a client on a quantum basis.