Trey Mitchell

Trey K Mitchell

Alderman – City of Sheboygan 9th District

I've had a passion for service for as long as I can remember. Back when I was a junior at North High, the time in life when one is expected to make long term decisions about his future, I thought long and hard about how my future could incorporate service. I juggled interest in law, US Army officer training (ROTC), and more. In the end, I decided on attending Concordia University Wisconsin to study Computer Science, but that urge never left me.

Through my time at CUW, I reaffirmed that whatever I did with my life after my schooling, I wanted to be helping people. One of the most rewarding experiences of my life has been the three years I spent as a Resident Assistant while in college. The job presented the opportunity to get to know a lot of my fellow students and help them along the way with the various tribulations of college life. Of course, I was able to share many enjoyable times with residents as well through organizing events and the general community we built in our halls.

My affinity for politics was first realized my sophomore year and has been cultivated ever since. During a summer break, I read through George W Bush's autobiography—the impetus for my Political Science minor. Hearing how passionate 'W' was about helping people and how his role in politics facilitated that, I knew what I really wanted to do with my life.

Along with serving as an RA, serving as Chief Student Officer on Concordia's Student Government Association provided valuable and fulfilling experiences in working for the betterment of others. I was afforded the chance to lead our Student Senators, advocate on behalf of the organization’s interests, and assist in the oversight and execution of initiatives large and small. It was certainly hard leaving so many great people in such a wonderful organization at graduation.

Working at Acuity, a company well known for its integrity and morality, has presented a great application for my Computer Science degree so far. One of the most exciting things I considered about working at Acuity was getting to return to Sheboygan. I was born and raised here. Even while I was away at school, Sheboygan has always been home. I am looking forward to meeting mroe of my neighbors and getting to hear what is important to you! Serving as your Alderman for the past year has been an honor I've truly enjoyed. Come spring, I hope you once again put your trust in me at the ballot boxes to be your Common voice on the Council.