Voter Information

Registered to Vote? Not sure?

Wisconsin has a website set up where you can check your personal voter information. You can see where you are registered and your polling location, update your address if you’ve moved, or register to vote right online.

Check it out here:

Election Information

The Spring election will be held in Sheboygan on Tuesday April 3rd 2018. All ten Aldermanic seats in the City of Sheboygan will be on the ticket. In addition, the Wisconsin Supreme Court election for 2018 will be on the ballot this date.

If a primary election is required for Aldermanic seats, it will be held in Sheboygan on Tuesday February 20th. Make sure you’re registered plenty early!

Sheboygan District Map

I am running for the seat in the new District 9 (Wards 22 and 25) and asking for your support. Even if you don’t live in my district, having your voice heard through a ballot is important! The map below outlines the boundaries for Aldermanic district 9.

The spring election will be for all ten seats in Sheboygan's ten new districts. The map to the left shows the unchanged boundaries for city wards. To see which Aldermanic district each ward pertains to, you can see the county's identical supervisory districts here. Once the list is finalized, all eligible candidate for each seat will be listed on this page for your convenience.